SkinIO is a breakthrough, non-invasive mole-mapping technology that takes your annual skin exam to the next level by aiding in the prevention and early detection of skin cancer.

A member of our staff will take whole body images of your skin and SkinIO’s AI technology will flag lesions that may require close-up images.  The process is quick and easy.

You’ll leave your screening with access to the SkinIO app, which will automatically track changes in your skin and allow you to monitor your skin health over time and between appointments.

This short video will introduce you to all the basics about SkinIO in less than 2 minutes:

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Note: You will need to schedule a SkinIO photography session AND a separate medical visit appointment for a skin examination with a provider.  If you already have a medical appointment, please contact us to add a SkinIO photography appointment. The SkinIO photography sessions take about 20 minutes depending on the number of photos taken. 

SkinIO Animation

Wondering About Moles on Your Skin?

SkinIO helps you and your provider track your moles

What is SkinIO?

SkinIO is a new, Al-driven mole-mapping technology that
aids in the prevention and early detection of skin cancer.

How SkinIO works:

  • A member of our staff will take whole body images of your skin to create your digital skin health record – it’s fast and easy.  You only need to be unclothed to the extent you feel comfortable for the regions you wish to have photographed.


  • SkinlO uses Al to help track the sizes of moles and changes over time, and to identify lesions that look different from others that may be considered for biopsy.

  • You can even track your own skin health at home between appointments.

  • SkinIO data is always encrypted prior to being uploaded and can only be decrypted by the SkinIO servers. All data stored in SkinIO is encrypted and stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud server.  Skin IO is not a method to diagnose, but a tool to be utilized by your provider to better track lesions. SkinIO uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, but not for diagnostic purposes. The results of the SkinIO algorithms assist, but do not replace, your doctor examining your skin.

The cost of SkinIO is $125 per photography session*

*Payment is due at the time of service. Payment is due at time of service unless you have an approved authorization and no cost-share requirement at the time of your appointment. This service may be covered by insurance under certain conditions.  If the SkinIO Total Body Photography service claim is paid in full by your insurance, you will be refunded any payments, less co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, or cost-share requirements.  The total body photography fee is separate from your office visit or any additional procedures.