With her work abroad, Dr. Lee has gained extensive experience in treating skin of color. She is able to offer treatment solutions that have been proven effective both in her practice and around the world.

Why see a specialist like Dr. Lee for ethnic skin (skin of color)?

  • Patients of African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, or Asian descent tend to have more pigment in their skin
  • Increased pigmentation needs to be taken into account when developing a treatment plan
  • Skin of color is more likely to develop certain scars and discoloration, like keloids and melasma

About Acne in Ethnic Skin

People with skin of color face different challenges when managing and treating acne. Dr. Lee takes special considerations when treating acne in skin of color:

  • With more pigmentation in their skin, they are prone to worse acne scarring
  • Products to help improve dark spots on the skin are particularly important when treating ethnic skin
  • Darker skin types are more sensitive to certain products, like retinoids, commonly used to treat acne

Dr. Lee knows which specialized formulations to prescribe for retinoids.

Also, certain hair products used by African Americans can contribute to acne. Dr. Lee has the experience to recommend alternative products offering the same function, but without making acne worse.

Treatment Options for Acne in Ethnic Skin

  • Treatment options for adult acne are customized to each patient’s skin type
  • Only products proven in skin of color are recommended
  • Specialized regimens are available pre- and post-laser treatments
  • Our laser system also has customized settings for ethnic skin

About Keloids/Scars in Ethnic Skin

Keloids are an overgrowth of scar tissue around a wound. With her international experience, Dr. Lee is familiar with how to minimize the appearance of these scars in ethnic skin. Some facts to know about keloids/scars are:

Keloids are more likely to develop in people with darker skin.
Other types of scars, like acne scars, may also be more noticeable in ethnic skin because they appear darker

Treatment Options for Keloids/Scars in Ethnic Skin

There are several treatment options for keloids. Dr. Lee uses special formulations and settings on lasers for ethnic skin to ensure the best possible results.

  • Laser therapy can be used to lighten scars and flatten the skin
  • In more severe cases, removal of the scar tissue may be an option

About Hyperpigmentation/Melasma in Ethnic Skin

Melasma appears as darker brown or greyish brown patches on the face. People with darker skin (more pigment) are more likely to have melasma.

Melasma most commonly appears on:

  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Chin
  • Upper lip

Treatment Options for Melasma in Ethnic Skin

Treatment options for ethnic skin are focused on lightening the skin. These options include:

  • Laser therapy using specialized settings
  • Chemical peels
  • Topical creams/lotions such as hydroquinone