The Mission

Founded by Dr. Kathy Lee in 2015, our charity’s aim is to support laser scar removal for patients with surgical and traumatic scars using advanced laser treatments, typically reserved for cosmetic procedures.

The Inspiration

En Plein Air, Into The Open Air

One of Dr. Lee’s mentors growing up was a special person by the name of Vicki Stock. Vicki had a very long battle with breast cancer that ultimately took her life. Vicki’s daughter, Jen Stock, a childhood friend of Dr. Lee, created a visual art project titled En Plein Air (Into the Open Air), which was dedicated to her mother. Dr. Lee wanted to use her own professional expertise to do something in Vicki’s memory. Inspired by Jen’s art piece, Dr. Lee created the En Plein Air outreach program to help others who have been scarred by their own personal battles with disease or trauma. Dr. Lee is proud to be the founder of En Plein Air.

En Plein Air

The Why

Medicine is about helping patients heal, both mentally and physically. We want to do our part for patients when it comes to both. If removing an unwanted scar makes a patient look better, and feel better, then we successfully accomplished our mission.

The How

The doctors of patients in need that have undergone surgery or who may have had some traumatic event, refer their patients into the program that they believe would benefit and qualify. Patients or doctors may inquire about eligibility and procedure options by emailing*

*We are currently not accepting applications due to the limited number of patients we are able to have in our office. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to being able to serve our community again soon.

The Who

En Plein Air is an Orange County based outreach program. 100% of the funds donated to En Plein Air go towards awareness and supporting eligible patients. En Plein Air receives donations and holds fundraising events in order to carry out its mission. Eligible scar removal patients via En Plein Air will be cared for by Dr. Kathy Lee, Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology (Board Certified) and fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.